“Revitalizing School Yards” responds to a growing necessity of European urban areas,
which have limited space to fit new sport facilities, and rural areas, in which the
challenge is to place the facilities in areas accessible to everyone with a limited budget.
The goal of the project is to support municipalities and sport organizations with the
bureaucratic procedures through the offering of pre-designed administrative
mechanism and the creation of online Communities of Practice. The e-platform
will be established as a shared communication ground for the common interest of
public and private institutions. The digital nature of the outcomes will, at the same
time, provide continuity and further development to the initial idea.
The specific objectives that will guide the collaboration are:
O.1) Transform the unused or under-used potential of schools’ outdoor spaces into
community resources to support new forms of physical activity and grassroots sport
O.2) Contribute actively to refurbish/reconstruct/replace/maintain (out)dated school
external areas
and/or provide new roofed areas for polyvalent sporting destination;
O.3) Improve quantity but also quality of both physical education curricula and
community grassroots
sport supply, by focusing on multifunctional outdoor venues to favor the development
of innovative
multisport programs combined with not-formal education and life skills games;
O.4) Empower local people to invest in and care for the school open-air spaces within a
Community of
Practice (CoP) that shares a common concern toward local quality sport facilities;
O.5) Facilitate investment by sport organizations to improve availability and
programmability of access
to safe, clean, suitable (and affordable) sport facilities within school context.

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