Generations Uniting through Sport (GUS) project is following the E+ priorities: encouraging healthy lifestyle for all, encouraging participation in sport and physical activity and promoting activities encouraging the practice of sport and physical activity including traditional sport and games and intergenerational sport. The project aims to increase quality in the work, activities and practices of organisations and institutions involved and together we will create the Generations Uniting through Sport (GUS) programme and tools for new actors from different sectors (sport, health and education). The GUS project aims to use traditional games and sports as one way of promoting inter-generational relations and increased physical activity by setting up an innovative and sustainable GUS programme including the creation of an European IT platform and network on EU Generations Uniting through Sport, training modules, Diary of my health app, e-learning platform, advocacy tools and policy recommendations for the future of Generations Uniting through Sport.
Specific objectives of the project:

O1. Prepare the foundation of developing the GUS programme for inter-generational physical and sports activities O2. Build capacity to deliver inter-generational physical and sports activities and create an e-learning platform O3. Disseminate the GUS programme to a wider audience and enhance sustainability

The project design is based on:
– 3 project objectives,
– 11 activities and
– 5 Work package
– 4 meetings
– 1 international conference

Key outcomes:
– GUS European networking (with theoretical and practical basis) and IT platform
– GUS Training module for practitioners
– Diary of My Health app for young and elderly people
– GUS e-learning course
– GUS Advocacy tools
– GUS Policy recommendations
– GUS Promotional campaign