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Over 95 percent of young people are enrolled in schools in Europe and without a strong contribution of schools, we are not likely to reverse the obesity epidemic.


The “School to move, it’s cool to move” project proposes to create a digital European network of organizations from civil society that work in line with the NGO Deporte para la Educación y la Salud (DES), and whose primary objectives are the fight against sedentary lifestyles, childhood obesity and the increase of serious diseases in school-age children.

From January 1, 2018, all 5 organizations in “School to Move” (Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Slovenia) will work collectively to identify, select, present and exchange the initiatives and successful projects carried out by each one in their local, regional or national environment.

In December 2018, a European conference will be held in Madrid, where the 1st European digital guide of good practices promoted by civil society will be presented to the public and private educational and sports community. The guide, which focuses on promoting physical activity, sport and healthy habits in the school environment, will be accessible and open to all European schools. It will be updated as soon as the project ends on December 31, with voluntary contributions from other countries of the European Union.


The project has a 12 month duration. During this period, partners will meet 4 times at transnational meetings in Slovenia, Greece, Romania and Spain.

· January 2018 in Slovenia for the kick off meeting.

· Abril 2018 in Greece for the common and homogeneous inputs and outputs meeting.

· September 2018 in Romania for the exchange and design of new good practices meeting.

· December 2018 in Spain for the final European conference.


Partners of this project are civil society ONGs which daily activities are focused to offer solutions to these kind of phenomenon and necessities.

Visit their work here:

Also their facebook page:

Example of a nationwide activity: Hello Health Festival.

BG Be Active was created back in 2011 as a NGO, with the purpose of increasing the popularity of sport and physical activity among Bulgarians.

Visit their work here:

Also on their facebook page:

Example of a nationwide activity: National School Day.

Greenways SCE was established in 2012 with the aim to serve local and collective interests and to promote employment, social cohesion and local or regional development.

Visit their work here:

Also on their facebook page:

Example of a nationwide activity: National Day of School Sport.

Association Sport for All Suceava (AJSPT Suceava) is a non-profit organization at regional level, a non-governmental organization, officially recognized by the Romanian Justice Ministry since 2002.

Web site:

Also their facebook page:

Example of nationwide activities: Wind your Hair, Nature-Friendly Sports Camps for Children.

Sports Union of Slovenia has the largest sports for all organization connects different sports organizations, associations, clubs and individuals working in the field of sports recreations and sports education in Slovenia.


  1. Creation of a digital network of entities (NGOs and similar) with activities and projects from local, regional and national levels that are directly related to Sport, Health and Education in the school environment. As of 2019, the network will be open to all entities with similar profiles.

  2. Creation of a digital guide of the most successful good practices for immediate use by these entities and all those who decide to register with the European Network.
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