The Moving Schools Challenger (hereinafter: “MSC”) is a project born from the experience carried out in Spain during 3 school years that has proven to provide a very beneficious impact on the activity level of kids. The MSC is focused on promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles in a regular daily base to all students (girls, boys, disabled, migrants…) at the schools. 60 schools and more than 55,000 students reached more than 700000KS during 2021-22 course.
By setting different cooperative monthly challenges (to achieve higher results for the school score together) during the whole school year, students get more committed to be active and behave in a healthy way and they learn and integrate healthy lifestyles lifelong behaviors in a positive way based on their experience of going to school every day.
It is a NON-COMPETITIVE challenge. The schools add healthy km (KS) to be able to exceed the monthly objective (complete a marathon, reach a city, climb a mountain, etc.). Schools do not compete against others because those with more students would always be favoured, but instead, they compete together against the challenge.
Schools also get connected with other schools as they get to know who is participating and they can interact between them.
All participating schools have access to different resources, to download each month’s proposals with information about the objective, health benefits and additional cultural information related to the reason for the challenge as well as they also get digital tools for managing MSC. Tables of homologation of efforts between different activities, how adding KS by healthy eating are also provided.
Schools are awarded with monthly diplomas of success for kids.
The project will concentrate its efforts on understanding the situation at different partner countries, creating a Pan-European Challenge for schools in a sustainable developing way (with an increasing audience, connecting schools and pupils around Europe…)