CC4HER is a project built to close the gap between sports clubs or associations within the communities, and women in low-income areas. Innovative and inclusive sports program delivery tools, based on new methods and approach that aims to get a very excluded part of the population active and participating in sports activities, enganging this way in the local communities, making them more active, healthier and happier. It’s goals are to reach the target audience, but also their families and friends, with tools and methods development that have a common approach between Portugal, Spain and Italy (countries with similar problems regarding sports and participation).

Main Objective:
To promote the benefits of social inclusion and sports practice for inactive women within the low-income areas of the community, helping local clubs and associations to develop sports for all programs in the areas of inclusion, health, and sport education.

Specific Objective 1:
To capacitate staff, workers, and volunteers from local clubs and associations to develop sports programs that reaches low-income areas in the local community.

Specific Objective 2:
To develop educational methods and tools for sports clubs and associations to identify inactive women within their community, promote education on the benefits of sports for all programs, and assist them to offer recreational sports activities for combating physical inactivity and social exclusion by creating new activities or improving existing good practices.

Specific Objective 3:
To raise awareness of the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle for this specific target group, promoting a positive approach, and creating opportunities for sports engagement.